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CAD Bureau
Whether your company has old paper drawings to update to CAD or needs 2D CAD drawings converted to 3D models,

Mould Design
Designing the mould in 3D has many benefits over older 2D methods. Not only is there the capability to design far more complex moulds but also the ability to thoroughly inspect the design through interference checking. With the more organic shapes used in today's product designs split lines are becoming far more complex, and the ability to use the solid / surface model data generated during the mould design for both split line & cavity / core creation not only saves valuable programming time, but also eliminates mistakes caused by human error & drawing misinterpretation. All mould plates are also supplied as 3D models.
Hard copy drawings which are fully checked can be generated according to customer specifications, & if required can be fully toleranced for complete interchangeability of inserts. Drawings have notes to link drawings to specific model files ensuring the correct model is used for the particular drawing revision. Plate drawings are supplied with hole charts.

3D Mould Design
can supply / receive modelling & drawing data to / from your company using the following bi-directional translators. DXF DWG IGES VDA-FS STEP PARASOLID PDF (2D drawings only) STL (Output Only) VRML (Output Only) XGL (Output Only)

3D Mould Design
design flow


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